Carbonless Papers

Carbonless paper provides a clean and professional image for any multi-part document need. Images remain intense, clean and legible down to the last ply for easy readability throughout the life of the document guaranteed

Working of Carbonless Papers
  • comprises of creating copies without the help of carbon paper
  • The sheets have a special coating which work under the reaction of 2 separate coatings
  • The back is coated with a Donor Chemical, referred to as CB (Coated Back) and the front is coated with Receptor Chemical, referred to as CF (Coated Front)
  • When external pressure is applied (by printing, writing, typing etc) on the CB sheet, the replica image appears on the CF sheet / side on account of the two chemicals reacting
  • In case of multiple copy requirements, CFB (Coated Front and Back), the sheet can accept the image as well as transfer the same to the next sheet, thereby giving the desired number of copies required.
  • CB (Coated Back): First part, Top copy always.
  • CFB (Coated Front and Back): Intermediate copy/ies.
  • CF (Coated Front): Last part, Bottom copy always.


Shri Vishu Paper is a versatile paper manufacturing company, Producing Thermal sensitive paper, Carbonless paper, one time carbon paper, SC Paper (self contained paper), one time carbon ink in which the Group has a prominent image in market.

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